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China's largest site for foreign tourists


Techcrunch 2013 Crunchies Award Nominee

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Asia's largest airborne mapping provider


Singapore's top F&B sales order management for takeouts


Southeast Asia's Top Photographers' Site


Seed round followed by Rakuten Ventures and Golden Gate Ventures


Top 10 Asia App. Seed round followed by Neoteny Labs


China's largest social e-commerce site with presence across more than a hundred cities. Founded by QuestVC partners

What Others Say

When it comes to investors, QuestVC has to be on the top of any entrepreneur’s wish list. They are battle-hardened entrepreneurs who have achieved massive success in building a company, and their backing has given us great confidence. QuestVC has done an admirable job supporting and building a community of startups. Ubersnap has certainly benefited from being a part of this ecosystem.


We met James Tan when he was one of the judges during our first public pitch at Startup Asia. He could see the potential in Vibease when most people thought it was just a toy. Since then, he has been very supportive and provided us with real feedback. His insights and connections in the China and Singapore startup ecosystems definitely help us a lot. We are really glad to have him as our investor and mentor.


QuestVC was very helpful in the setting up of our overseas office – hiring, fund-raising and connecting with the other portfolio companies, all of which have been critical to speed of execution in our overseas expansion.


The folks at QuestVC are always approachable and ready to offer innovative and fresh perspectives to tackle problems. Frequent sharing sessions by seasoned entrepreneurs who have ‘been there, done that’ have helped us gain new insights on growing and managing our business.  Oddle.me has definitely seen farther by standing on the shoulders of QuestVC.



Qu Yuan (340-278 BC)

Qu Yuan (340-278 BC)


The way ahead is long and has no ending,
yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending.
Qū Yuán (340-278 BC)

QuestVC is China’s leading venture fund for technology companies that have scalability and replicability in large internet communities.



Our portfolio companies span the globe and are in different stages of development. Our investment thesis focuses on scalability and replicability in large internet communities.

What does that mean?  A thought on seamlessness:

The pace and breadth of change today is redefining market adaptation and adoption. In a world saturated with digital connectivity, anyone can be connected to anyone else, at any time, from anywhere. Map this to the multitude of market opportunities, from how a company buys or sells its products and services, to how it registers, queries or authorizes purchases. And take it even further, to how customers’ purchases and experiences could be shared with an audience of millions, at virtually no incremental cost. That’s seamlessness in transaction, administration and marketing.


Our Team

The QuestVC team comprises highly experienced individuals with deep first-hand industry expertise.  Leveraging our strong networks in China, Southeast Asia and the region, and our personal experience with start-ups, we deliver extremely valuable, reliable and innovative services to entrepreneurs.

We believe it takes an entrepreneur to understand another, and thus we have many successful entrepreneurs in our network who are always ready to lend a hand.  In addition, our affiliations with global partners provide inspiration and assistance in funding, mentoring and growing our portfolio companies.

Who We Are


Wang Yunming

Venture Partner. Founder & CEO, 55tuan. Founder & CEO, Jeehe.  Founder & CEO, 51maimai. Tsinghua MBA. Based in Changsha, China

James Tan

Managing Partner. Co-founder & COO, 55tuan. Tsinghua-MIT MBA. Based in Beijing, China

Qiu Xingxing

Marketer-in-Residence. Founding team & GM Shanghai, 55tuan. Based in Shanghai, China

Lin Pingping

Geek-in-Residence. Co-founder & CTO, 55tuan. PhD candidate, Tsinghua; Visiting scholar, ONLAB. Based in Silicon Valley

Jin Ming

Geek-in-Residence. Founding team & engineer, 55tuan. PhD candidate, Tsinghua. Top scholar, Liaoning province. Based in Beijing, China

Pan Guozhang

Geek-in-Residence. Founding team & Lead engineer, 55tuan. Based in Beijing, China

Cheng Lei

Associate Director, West China. VP, ERP firm. Tsinghua MBA. Based in Chengdu, China

Dai Feng

Associate Director, South China. Founding team & GM Tianjin. Tsinghua MBA. Based in Shenzhen, China

Russ Neu

Associate Director, Projects. Ministry of Education. Tsinghua-MIT MBA. Based in Beijing, China

Fan Yinghui

Analyst (1-year attachment). President, NOC-YEAN. DSTA scholarship, HCI outstanding student, Dean's list. BEng (ISE and Economics) (2015). Based in Beijing, China

Clarissa Chua

Analyst. Vice-President, NOC-YEAN. EDB prize-winner, Sports leader award, Hall leadership. Based in Singapore

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